Friday, March 10, 2017

How I Relax After A Long Day

Monday's are my longest day of the week. I would love to share what I do once I get home and how I relax. I have to say having a 4 year old doesn't make it easy. Once I get home I am so tired below is what I do to unwind. Nothing in order but this keeps me going week by week.

  • Change in to PJs
  • Grocery shopping allows me 
  • Wash face
  • Online window shop (mind numbing shopping)
  • I have a little glass of red wine (my favorites you can check out my favorites here)
  • I cook dinner to relax
  • I also like to sit and read NPR and CNN for news updates
I have to say I am pretty boring but I do most of these things per week. I am kinda of an addict for my news that I miss during the day. 

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