Sunday, August 28, 2016



Sunday Palette

I couldn't help myself. I have made so many I will share once per week but had to share this one . Have a lovely Sunday 

Friday, August 26, 2016



Skinny jeans
$54 -

Gap vegan shoes

Travel backpack

Kate spade glasses

Plaid scarve

Face powder
$20 -

Eyebrow makeup

Perfume fragrance
$79 -

Floral with a bamboo twist

What I love about perfume is that it's a reflection of how you see yourself. I got the pleasure of
testing out this Bamboo Perfume. I love perfume but I don't' wear it as much as I want to. I got to
try this Bamboo perfume by Franck Olivier made in 2012. I have to say this is such a lovely perfume I was worried that maybe the word bamboo would make it smell wood like. I was pleasantly surprised that it had more of an exotic smell of jasmine with a light fresh floral scent. I normally don't like things that smell so girly and overly pungent of floral but this has a nice clean smell. The package was simple and it came in this lovely box. The perfume is in a fun bottle with a light pink color and shows it's fun and flirty side. I would suggest this perfume to someone who wants a light Parisian/floral smell. 

I did get this at a discount for an honest review(Powered by BrandBacker). I love my new Fragrance store

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New short hair

Lifestyle Blog Update

So I am changing up my format a little. I feel like I have so much to say about several things and all topics I am adjusting the blog a little. I have some Recipes/Parenting/ and daily life stuff to post :) I hope to post a tasty past recipe soon. Stay Tuned :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ready for Fall

Ready for Fall

Short dress

Frye tall boots

Dinny Hall long necklace
$280 -

Alexis Bittar bracelet



N 21 wool sweater
$240 -

Zimmermann brown pants

Gianvito Rossi platform shoes
$670 -

Gold necklace

My Exciting News!!!

I just bought a Ukulele . I have been wanting to learn an instrument. I am teaching myself the cords and plan to make music obviously with it. I took singing lessons while in high school I can't wait to have a little fun. 


I got this the other day and I was expecting just a basic way to exfoliate. I love coffee so what I really love is that this comes in a sweet little jar. It also comes with a little scoop to scoop coffee exfoliate on your face. I rubbed it in and it has this nice coffee smell and it wasn't rough on my face like most coffee products that I have tried. I suggest this for a nice morning routine the jar is a little small but I can tell the quality is worth the price. I love that it has the little scoop so you don't  have to dig the product out of the tiny jar. I think any caffeine addicts would love this. #kaffecosmetics
** I got this at a discount for an honest review**

change your hair, change your life

“Can't say it often enough - change your hair, change your life.”

I cut my hair to reflect a new change. I was worried I would hate it but I really do love the edgy me.