Friday, August 19, 2016

Half of Me

So yesterday was a normal day .. That was until I woke up to find out someone from my past had died from cervical cancer. I am not only heartbroken but upset I am upset that I didn't get to spend a few more hours with her and talk with her about my family. After all this I got some more upsetting news that my father had had a minor heart-attack 3 weeks ago.. YES three weeks ago and he finally told me today. I might been making a trip to New York soon if he doesn't improve. I have to say the last 24 hours has been awful. I have the day off today and we are spending it in Denver with some family. I am getting something in the mail today I can't wait to share!! I also have nudged the husband for a fast Denver thrift run to have a Denver Haul here on the blog. Stay tuned 

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