Sunday, March 12, 2017

Goodwill Clothes Rock!

I love seeing other mothers' clothes. However, a big issue is that maybe only half of what they wear is affordable for regular moms. This frustrates me to no end. Why show off a product I couldn't ever dream about buying?

 A lot of moms, myself included, would have to choose between buying some of these pieces and new (even if they're second hand) clothes that will fit their ever growing children. 

As a new mother, or a mother in general, I want to look good, but I also want to have enough money to put food in my daughter's tummy. Yes, these women look great, there's no denying that, but how much did it cost? A top could be $200.00 and a skirt $150.00! That's too much, and I don't think you always have to spend more to be and feel beautiful.

 I hope that as I post more of my clothes and my thrift store finds that I can provide some interesting ideas for mothers to emulate without breaking their bank.


  1. I cannot agree more! With three kids and a hubby that works out of the house my clothes need to be cheap! Since I'm home most days I live in leggings or pj's. I'm not wearing pearls to scrub the toilet! But, when I do go out for kids events or date night I want to look pretty for very little! My body has changed a lot, so I stick to staples, a pair of jeans that is comfy but makes me feel pretty, a few shirts that can all be paired with different color cardigans. My daughter says I dress like a "mom" eye roll included, but, it works and nothing I've purchased in the last three years has been more than $20, my new favorite shirts I got on clearance, three of the same in different colors, with a coupon, using a Christmas gift card!

    1. ha ha at least you are not wearing mom jeans right?I love clearance clothes cheap and easy