Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Organic Jojoba Oil Review!

4-5 Stars!

What I really liked first of all was that the bottle is really clean and has lovely packaging I got it on time. I haven't ever tried oil at all I was nervous. I have acne prone skin so i used it as a makeup remover and that was successful. The next day I put it in my hair that is one thing I don't like it made my hair look greasy. It did however make my hair soft that I really enjoyed.The big drawback was the hair I didn't like that . I really liked that it made dry skin really look great. My husband has some very dry feet and knees it really made his skin softer. I really wanted to try this on my daughters dry skin but haven't I would give this a 4-5. I also love the fact it's made in Colorado I love in Colorado and I love supporting a local business. I tried my hair again but again it comes out a little greasy. This again is great it's all organic pressed Jojoba Oil. I think the reason it's greasy on my hair is because it's brown. I think this would work nicely in a braid or a man's beard. 

Hair is a little greasy 

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