Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baby Sling Review #mamawayus

#mamawayus Review 4/5
I have many things to say about this Ring Sling Baby Carrier I really do love it. I got it in the pink Anchors the package says it can handle up to 50Kgs  my daughter is 30 and some. We went to the zoo and I put it on the first issue I had was that I found videos on how to use this Sling but nothing on holding bigger kids. The videos I got was sent to me from the seller after I got the item. The videos are FANTASTIC but for a smaller child up to at least a year. I would love to hold my daughter on my back but I couldn't find any videos. The material is great it's sturdy to hold her but the sling is really made for a smaller baby. That would be the major drawback that I would say about this sling. I have always wanted one this fits the bill but I can't carry a toddler on my easy with this unless I am doing it incorrectly.The other issue I was seeing the videos are great but the website I went to isn't in English I had issues trying to find videos on this wrap. I am giving this wrap a 4/5 it's a great wrap for a smaller child. It's sturdy clean and has a lovely print and packaging. The only thing is lacking is the  video support. I did get emails after my purchase that i really enjoyed to ask how I was liking it and how they could help. Great customer Service.
 (I got this free for an honest review)
I would recommend this to any new mother BUY IT HERE

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