Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Took a Pill in Ibiza

So I thought I would update a little on how I am doing with my mental health. I started taking some medicine to help my anxiety and PTSD. I feel ashamed that it has come to this point and to even say that I am taking pills. I feel like there is this stigma for anyone that attempts to get themselves to a better place. I am thinking the pills are helping not sure at this point I had a pretty horrible panic attack in the middle of the night two weeks ago. This made me see that I needed something to help me I also have been getting hives it could be from stress this use to happen to me back in the day. I am starting the new year with the hope that pills might help.. My stress level is making me age faster and isn't good for my overall self. I thought I would update everyone I have some new posts that I have been meaning to post. My little is sick this weekend so I might be able to update with some new recipes!!  and song below for your vewing pleasure !


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  1. I certainly hope your anxiety starts to feel better! I've been taking a medication for my anxiety for some time now, and I definitely disliked the idea of it at first, but it's only made life much easier! Hugs.