Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Where Was I On September 11,2001

Where was I on September 11,2001 I get this question sometimes in casual conversation and I never have written it down. I figured it would nice for my daughter to read when and where I was on that horrible day. I enjoy documenting it if I can.

I was living in Lake Havasu City AZ I was just waking up my dad was in the living room with his coffee and the second I turned the corner to look at TV and him I saw the second plane hit. I looked at my dad asked what's going on. He said he saw the first plane hit a little while ago and isn't sure what's going on. He looked liked he had seen a ghost he wasn't sure what he was seeing. I got ready for school everyone in the house by then had gotten ready and left. My dad took me to my giant high school really it was a big high-school in LHC. We listened to NPR (now my favorite radio station) we hear about what was going on or any tidbit of news we could get. I got to school and everyone was talking about what was going on I didn't do much work that day as in my history class we watched the towers fall each classroom had TVs and each class room I went in to had the TV on . I was haunted by everything I saw.

The rest of the day was a blur by the time I got home we desperately tried reaching an aunt that lived in NYC and my cousin . They lived 3 blocks away from the towers my aunt is a lawyer and sometimes did business within the towers. We could't reach her for 4 days. We heard how her windows had become dusted by the ash and how it just seemed quite now that they had fallen. I recall watching the days and months after this. I am still fascinated by 9/11 its odd but I do watch videos ready stories at the start of September of 9/11 to remember what I saw and to go back to that day.

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