Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Update!!

So I haven't been on in some time I do have some great posts coming stay tuned. I wanted to hop over and give everyone an update on how I am doing. I have started seeing a therapist that I think can help me with my PTSD I and my depression. The things I have learned so far is that I have had a great deal of trauma that I have had to deal with. I almost died several years ago and I am constantly reminded of it. I also had some more private trauma happen and it's finally surfaced after all these years.

I am trying to reconnect the dots in my brain to find a good balance between my trauma and moving forward. I think I like this lady I am seeing I will keep on seeing her until I feel like I am starting to feel better. I am currently working on a new photo project thus the new things it's personal project I can't wait to share I am also picking up my poetry again. I took poetry classes in high school and enjoyed it and I feel like it's a good outlet for my thoughts. So I wanted to update everyone .. I am on the road to recovery I am also trying to live in the NOW and stop questioning everything. I am so very blessed for everything in my life .

**also my grammar sucks sorry everyone I have this deep rooted desire to have run on sentences.. ha ha ~@clovesandbuttons

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