Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Moonstruck Eggs~Recipe

This is by far one of our favorite recipes you can find similar recipes of this online. I wanted to share mine we don't to many things different on our recipe. This is a comfort food in our house we have it during the winter season and as a quick breakfast or dinner. I do recommend watching Moonstruck it's a great movie in fact a family favorite. I would love to hear if you try this you can do all sorts of variations of this . We have this Meyer lemon olive oil and it bright some brightness to the dish.

1 loaf crusty bread sliced (sourdough or cracked wheat)
1 egg
1 bell pepper sauteed
Optional (Creme Fraiche/ Or small slice of brie cheese)
Optional (green chilies)

You want to cut bell peppers in thin strips and saute. Then Cut a small hole in the bread and crack egg in it on the stove top with sauteed peppers. Below is the dish we had this morning it's so good and it's great with coffee for a morning dish or even dinner.

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