Sunday, January 29, 2017

Perfume Review #mypure

I got the pleasure of trying out this perfume. I really wanted a long time to try this out because I can properly review it. I love this bottle for starters it's a simple sleek design and I am able to give myself a nice splash of perfume. Once I opened this perfume I only used it before going to work in the morning it's got a subtle smell of jasmine and amber it's more of a woody scent. 

I normally go for perfumes that are more light and not as heavy but what I enjoyed is that it seemed strong at first then melted in to my skin and had more of a softer notes as the day kept going. I love this perfume for the fact that its a change from the citrus scent that I normally have. I would recommend this perfume for a night out with a special someone not really a work perfume but it's perfect for a romantic night out. #fragranceoutlet #mypure

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