Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reaching Out

I haven't posted in some time as you can tell. I wanted to be brief and just tell my followers 
I am here.
I have been struggling with some personal issues it seems like it's come to a head and I am really having a rough time. I am getting some help with these issues and I hope that I can find someone that can help me further. I wanted to post about it I am not ready to tell anyone about my past and I don't intend to it's a private matter but I did want to share some things that will pave the way for future posts. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD  I feel like I am an honest person and I want to share my struggles with my followers.

 I do have friends and family who read this blog so I will not be providing any details again about anything (so don't ask)  but I wanted to share that I am dealing with I am trying to desperately find a way to share my experience with you. I have some really cool posts about happier things I recently tried a new food service and wanted to share my experience with you. Stay tuned 

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