Monday, June 19, 2017

Nice Rack!!!

Nice Rack: The Five Essential Spices
 for a Worldly Cuisine

There’s a reason that when people get stuck in a rut, and tired of the same old routine, they “spice things up.” There’s a reason that those indispensable experiences, those moments in time that we wish we could freeze and hold onto like a flower pressed in the pages of a book, are considered to be the “spice of life.” That reason is because without spice life would be downright boring. And food would be too. Below I’ve created a list of five flavorful and aromatic spices that you should have on your spice rack, so that your cuisine may never be boring.
  1. Cinnamon
    Because cinnamon is so often utilized, especially in the West, in sweet foods, either breakserts (breakfast+desserts) or outright desserts, cinnamon has been relegated to the sugar shelf of most people’s kitchens. The shame is that cinnamon is one of the most versatile spices on this list, having the range of yes, an excellent sweetness enhancer, but also some serious savory chops. It’s a staple of Middle-Eastern cuisine. Don’t be afraid to add some to your next spice rub, you just might have found the secret ingredient that all your dinner guests ask after.
  2. Nutmeg
    A wonderful freshness comes from this spice, which is found in cuisines all over the world. From the Far-East back to the Middle-East and up into European cooking, it’s remarkable to see all the different uses come from this single spice. You can buy it dried and ground, but if you want to get the most out of it, do yourself a favor and get yourself a nutmeg grater and grate it fresh.
  3. Paprika
    Most often used in Eastern-European and Mediterranean cuisines, paprika is used not only to add a spicy flavor, but also because of the natural, beautiful color it imbues. Here’s a tip for you, while sprinkling the dried spice is effective, you can really pull a fuller flavor out of it by slowly heating it in a little oil.
  4. Cayenne
    The spicier cousin of Paprika, which is also made from ground peppers, cayenne is the go-to for when you need to make your mouth sweat. A little bit goes a long way, but this isn’t like biting into a habanero. The nice thing about cayenne is that it brings with it a good peppery flavor, and does not only serve as the need for a refill on your water. Just a pinch will add a dynamism to any dreary sauce.
  5. Cumin
    Cumin comes in both seed and ground form, and depending on what you’re making, you’ll find a use for both. It features a rustic flavor, and will add warmth to your cooking without being hot. Cumin would be right at home in your Thanksgiving turkey gravy, and also in your winning entry in your company’s chili cook-off.
These are five basic and versatile spices, but they’ll ensure that you never are lacking in the spice of life.

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