Monday, November 6, 2017

Recovery Takes Time

 (Funny Video attached )

So I figured I would do an update as it's been some time since I talked about my current mental state. I started seeing someone I think 5 months ago. I do enjoy my therapist I am not feeling like we have a connection. I am however feeling better about things in general about my life the depression is still an issue but since I stopped taking some pills a few months ago my mood has changed. I am currently trying to work on some personal projects for dealing my past trauma. My therapist wants me to do EMDR I am not ready to go back and deal with past stuff at this time, so I am taking a break from my therapist for a few weeks and work on some side projects. This blog, a personal photography project and trying to heal. I have to say the hardest part of this entire thing is how alone I feel the support groups are not offered in my area. I feel like I am dealing with my past alone talking to myself alone. I have to say it's a very lonely feeling.

**updated with a funny video that I love it speaks to me right now **


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