Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Women's Health Series

Ahhh, your period. That great time of the month!! I have been wanting to write this post for some time. I feel like this topic can be a bit taboo at times, it's one of those things we all deal with but refuse to discuss. Therefore, I wanted to have a Women's Health Series for the women in my life who might be interested in hearing about the products and goods that I use. The first item I'd like to discuss is one of the biggest things I have always wanted to share with all my readers, and when I tell other women I meet they think I am crazy!

Cloth sanitary napkins. I didn't get into these until after the birth of my daughter. We were cloth diapering her, so I figured why should she have all the fun? I ordered my first set of these several months after her first birthday, and I really love the environmental impact I am preventing by using these. Some might find them "icky," but really, just throw them in the wash after changing them, and you'll have no problems keeping them clean. I found a great website after doing some research and found

What I really love about these is that I feel clean wearing them. I got eight of them in different patterns and they are great for being at home. I did wear them once out it's not something I normally would suggest as it's hard to put them in a safe place to get cleaned. (We still had my daughter's wet bag for traveling with cloth diapers, so it was easier for me).  I also wouldn't recommend these for heavy days but are great for lighter days, but one thing I love about Amy's products is that you can get thicker ones for heavier days if you prefer and come in different sizes so you can find the right fit for you. And I am really thrilled that I am able to provide all my readers with a 10% off discount in her store for your very own set!!!!

Here is the code go to her website HERE

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