Monday, December 26, 2016

My New Years Resolutions

As the new year year starts so does the start of goals. I have some goals I want to do this year personal,mentally and physically. I think it's good to have goals to complete. I have listed a few below. It's a big list but I plan to tackle one each month and day ;)

  • Read more 
  • Laugh at the silly things in life
  • Declutter my house  
  • Pay down more debts (almost debt free)
  • Learn something new with my husband
  • Celebrate small things and accomplishments
  • Look in to becoming a postpartum Doula 
  • Carry less stress on my shoulders I am a child of worry (mom says)
  • Work out with my husband and be a coach for him
  • Cook and bake more and learn new recipes for my daughter

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