Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Change Of Season In My Life

I am experiencing a change of season in my life. This year was my 30th year and I planned it to define me, but it turned out to be the opposite. I haven't really lived a bunch this year. I also haven't loved as much as I wanted this year. Everything has gone to perfect shit this year. I have had worse years than this but it sure did mess me up mentally. I am desperately trying to get my stalling photography business back up and to a place I can be proud of. I am also trying to navigate my own world with a child and being a working mother. I have had so many rough months and no break. I am not here to whine about my how I didn't get a job, or I didn't get this or that. I am here to say that 30 is leaving its mark on me in more ways than I expected it to. It's proved that life is unexpected and changes faster than I want or need. I am leaving this day with a feeling that I need to find out what makes me happy, and how I want the next season to be. I hope it's a season I can be proud of.

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