Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#KataraDecor Apatosaurus Earrings Review

KataraDecor- Purple Dinosaur Earrings- Apatosaurus 5.5 Stars
I love these Apatosaurus Dinosaur Earrings I love that they came in this cute little box (Great for gifting) They are lightweight and deep purple color. I attached some photos of me them on me. I love these polished great for any outfits!! What I really love is that it came in this cute box in fact I should have a giveaway on these. What I really enjoy the color it's so vibrant most earrings are to small these are a great size.  #KataraDecor

 ****I did get this at a discount for an honest review**** I love these so much great addition to my closet.  

Cute little box

lovely purple color

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