Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Can't a Mother Be Sexy?

Once you become a mother, the sexiness you once had feels like a million miles away. At least, I felt this way. I am not sure if other mothers feel like this, but I am suspect that many do.  Once I became a mother, I felt the last thing on my mind would be looking decent, let alone sexy. I think in some ways, as women, we do lose a little of what we once had. The body that I'd been so comfortable in was suddenly gone, and I was now inside this foreign body, with no passport to get back home. Three years later it's still not my body. Home isn't easily found, apparently. Even as you start to find some level of comfort in it, it doesn't last long. It's always changing, always in flux. Each day I have marks where I didn't have them before. The contours and topography have changed, landmarks have shifted, and getting from point A to point B might not be the straight line it used to be. But I have memories. Memories that I didn't have before. Memories that are precious. Memories that make me who I am. I started this blog with the mission to show other mothers that they can also be sexy after a having a child. It's the most challenging, scary reality that we face. Trying to find a home within ourselves.

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  1. Oh, cool. So you're a fashion-mom blogger! That's unique! At least, I don't think I've seen one before. Even with a child, you are beautiful. Make the most of it. I will enjoy reading your blog.